Are you a Jump out of Bed kind of Person?

Or do you keep hitting the snooze button?

I know for myself it is harder to get out of bed in the winter then in the summer. I have tried all types of tactics too!

Like putting the alarm clock across the room (this just makes hitting snooze button a little harder, but from my experience it is still doable). Or how about two alarm clocks. I just find this one completely irritates me. The only one true way I know how to get out of bed at a good time in the morning is to have a morning ritual that I really look forward to doing. I have found that the morning routine does really set the tone for the rest of my day and that is why no matter what time I finally do throw the covers off I do my best to get right into it. What does my morning routine look like you might wonder…


Well, to start I drink a full glass of water with my morning meds and vitamins. This is followed by putting on the kettle for a really nice pot of tea. While that is on the boil the dogs get let out and I go light my candle in my cozy corner of my studio. Once my tea is made I am ready to go. I then listen to Joyce Meyer or some other inspirational you tube video. This is followed by the current book I am working through A Year to Clear. I follow this with a bit of journaling and then I pull out my Daily Greatness Journal ( I am not an affiliate, I just love these books) and plan out my day.


My morning Ritual is still a work in progress and I think it always will be because we are constantly changing aren’t we. I hope to be adding a good morning walk to this program followed by a healthy and hearty breakfast. Oh if we all didn’t have to live in the real world with all its interruptions and distractions, however I have found that just getting right back to our routines is the best way to keep your momentum going.

Have a wonderful day all,

Tata for now,