Let the Dashing Begin.

I am sitting here racking my brain to come up with a good idea for a great blog post…..Sometimes when under enormous amounts of pressure and stress the creative side of our brain decides to take a hike! Well I have no time for that here so I stood myself up, shook myself off and decided to sit back down and get to it. And Here you go.


I have managed to find snippets of time to work on some more kimonos for this busy time of year. With all the different types of parties and celebrations finding the perfect gift or item to wear can be challenging. Thats where one of our Exquisite kimonos, along with the suede chokers comes in. They can help you look marvellous where ever you go. The kimono lets you get cozy no matter where you may be. Especially if it happens to be a cold environment you are in.

Suede Chokers

That is why this coming week, on Wednesday Nov. 29, 2017 all Suede Chokers and Exquisite Kimonos are on for 30% off! One day only with loads of time for delivery before Christmas.

Limited Edition Kimonos


The kimonos look great over anything you may choose to wear and the chokers give it that special BoHo touch that is so popular right now. So  where ever you may be dashing to this week I hope all that is  in store for you is filled with good cheer and lots of laughter, next time I will share my Nanamo Bar Recipe, my kids love this one. Opps! I almost forgot, there will be two contests coming up in early December, one for our Private FB group (join here)

Tata for now,  Heather